Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rewind, Then Repeat It

Ok - I'm going to rush through some stuff here, mostly because I'd rather write about other things than a history lesson that isn't going to appeal to many people.

Michelle and I met sitting at a friend of ours kitchen table- Eileen's - during a John Hughesesque party. There was all this insanity going around us and we were bonding over our favorite bands and sharing our interest in starting a band. We both loved bands like The Church and REM (this is pre-Out of Time REM. I pretty much can't stand anything after Green. ) During these first moments we decided we would start a band. Michelle had played the piano since she could tap out songs from preschool and I had been playing guitar for about a year.

Somehow during those first "practices" - it was just Michelle and me - she didn't dump me to the curb. I pretty much stunk as a guitar player in those days, I really had no ear, and wasn't a very good technical player in any way. Michelle would figure out my parts on piano and teach them to me. Eventually I got better. Michelle was always good. She didn't sing it was kind of hard to have a band without a singer and a just a guitar player and a piano player. But that's how it all started.

Later - we each had several college bands, that we were not in together, of limited success. They were all fun and a good time, but no one was that serious about it or if they were they were serious about creating something no one could possibly want to listen to. Michelle and I did play one gig together in Milwaukee with a combination of members of each of our band's...surprisingly it was pretty decent. That night we played with a band called Old Number 8, whose members we would work with several years later.

Post college, Michelle and I founded a band with several friends called Capital 8. More on that in the next post.

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